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This is John Sheppard. Common name around here, Sheppard, but if you're hearing my voice and I'm still the one you want then please leave a message after the beep.

Or I guess if you just like calling random people you could do that too.
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How do I play John Sheppard? If you have crit or concerns, good or bad, that you want to express then please let me know below. IP logging is off, anonymous is on and comments are screened, and will be unscreened for conversational purposes.
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John Sheppard


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Name: John Sheppard

Canon: Stargate: Atlantis

Original or Alternate Universe: Original

Canon Point: Season 4 Episode 20 - The Last Man - When the stasis field activates, and John anticipates waking up to a red giant, hundreds of years further into his own future.

Number: 105

Setting: Don't let the aliens and space travel fool you, the Stargate Universe is one that exists in secret in a world such as our own, kept secret from the likes of you and me. Once upon a time, someone dug up a large ornately decorated device called a Stargate, which when erected permitted instantaneous travel through it to other worlds within the Milky Way galaxy, most of which were bizarrely occupied by humans. Long story short, the humans pissed off the intergalactic overlords known as the Goa'uld, who went to war with them (it was an old wound, but since we're talking about parasitic bugs that move from host to host it turns out they have long memories). Then there were replicators and little gray aliens called Asgardians, i.e. Thor and general time travely explorationy stuff, and finally humanity (known in space jargon as the Tau-ri) were finally allowed to come into the epic spacerace treehouse, and just. There's so much more, but don't ask.

Long story short, one fight isn't enough for humanity, so when they discover the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy, their natural reaction is to send a team of people to take it before the Goa'uld can--which would be great if not for the fact that in doing so they wake up the ancient enemy of the Pegasus Galaxy, known as the Wraith, who are arguably a billion times worse than the Goa'uld on account of their eating people. (and then incidentally there were more replicators, but a different kind this time), a Wraith hybrid who wanted to exact revenge, a couple of plagues...

So yes, setting: space with angry aliens in it, stargates with which to travel between worlds, and also massive, massive spaceships. Also everything wants to kill you. Everything.


John Sheppard was one of two boys born to businessman Patrick Sheppard, who made his fortune in utilities. Growing up in the shadow of his father's expectations, Sheppard instead found his own path, choosing to join the United States Air Force after completing his education at Stanford. What happened to his mother is unknown, but his father would die many years later never having reconciled with his son, and John would experience some friction with his brother in the meantime, Dave Sheppard believing that John had returned to contest his father's will when he returned for his funeral.

John's career in the Air Force led to secret missions all across the world (except for Antartica, where his final earthbound mission before Atlantis would take him). He qualified as a test pilot, and has rotary and multiple engine licenses, all of which would come in useful when piloting advanced alien ships of all sizes. He married once, but was required by the secrecy act to keep the details of his missions from his spouse Nancy. It wouldn't be until she worked higher up in Homeland Security that she'd understand what this secrecy meant, and the danger that he'd been in all those years, but it didn't prevent their divorce despite that.

In 2004 Sheppard found himself (accidentally) added to the military contingent of the Atlantis expedition after his possession of the Ancient gene was discovered. At first a one way trip, the trip to Atlantis left them at the bottom of the ocean with the lost city's shields failing. Sheppard was sent to try and find a new power unit, and met the Athosians for the first time. After they were attacked by the Wraith, Sheppard took them back to the foundering Atlantis as refugees.

The city surfaced, and Sheppard again joined the team heading after the Wraith (who had taken both Teyla and his commanding officer Colonel Marshall Sumner). During his attempted rescue Sumner was fed upon by the Wraith, and Sheppard performed a mercy killing of his CO, only to be captured during his own escape. Further he found himself rescued, but in destroying the Hive ship, the Tau'ri accidentally woke the Wraith throughout the Pegasus Galaxy early. Up until that point they had been in a state of hibernation, waiting for their food source to replenish.

Finding himself in an unexpected new position as military commander of the expedition until contact with Earth could be reestablished, Sheppard was forced to step up against the Wraith threat, and consequently prove himself.

Living on Atlantis wouldn't be easy. First, the station itself was a threat, and simple human error caused as many problems as occurred on their own, as systems began to come back online, and dangerous Lantean programs were activated that the Ancient's themselves had ceased because of the threat they posed. The Wraith hunted John's team on their missions through the Stargate to other planets, and as time passed and more of the Wraith woke up, their appearances on their feeding planets became more frequent, making missions more dangerous. Initially though, the biggest threat to John Sheppard was an Iratus bug, which seized onto his neck and began to drain the lifeforce out of him. In order to save his life, he was put into a state of death and revived once the bug had detached itself.

Faced with the onset of winter, with the expedition and the Athosians to feed, the Atlantis team were forced to seek out trade relationships with other planets, and one of those meetings was with the Genii, who turned out not to be what they at first appeared. Appearing on the surface to be farmers, the team quickly discover that the Genii populated underground bunkers, and had formed an advanced and dangerous military force to oppose the Wraith--and they didn't care who they had to hurt to get the jump on them, attempting to double-cross the Atlantis team on every encounter, even trying to capture the city when the expedition was forced to abandon it during an intense tropical storm.

Between this and the oncoming fight with the Wraith, John experiences first contact with the Ancients after gating to a planet protected by the Ancient exile Chaya. The two had a brief affair before she returned to protect her planet. They would then hunt for Zero Point Modules (ZPMs), in an effort to replenish the power of the city and its shields, anticipating the oncoming attack. The Genii, believing that anything the Tau'ri wanted was worth having, would undermine their efforts.

It wouldn't be until three Wraith ships appeared on route to Atlantis that a wary agreement with the Genii was nurtured, the expedition offering to test the Genii nuclear weapons for them on real Wraith Hives in exchange for the weapons themselves. McKay would destroy one on the edge of the universe, but as the Hives approached, attacking with darts, Sheppard was left to direct the city's defense from the weapon chair, intending to remote control cloaked Jumpers armed with nuclear warheads into the Wraith ships. When all seems lost, the remote control failing, he takes one on a suicide flight, and is saved at the last second when the Daedalus arrives, beaming him to safety moments before the explosion.

Twelve more Wraith ships were discovered on an approach - clearly their intent wasn't just to attack Atlantis - they wanted the coordinates for Earth, so that they could conquer this new feeding ground. After the Daedalus only successfully destroys two of those Hive ships by beaming active warheads aboard, another solution becomes necessary. McKay delivers, making it seem as though Atlantis has been destroyed by detonating a warhead above the shields and transforming them into a cloak that conceals the city. A risky gambit, as the city would have no protective shields in place while the cloak was up, it was successful, and the Wraith ships disengaged. After this, Sheppard was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and given official command of the military arm of the Atlantis expedition.

Shortly thereafter, back to looking for ZPMs, allies, and any way to defeat the Wraith for good, including Carson Beckett's development of a retrovirus that would hopefully devolve the Wraith, Sheppard met Ronon Dex and convinced him to join the expedition, and more importantly to complete his Stargate team (which now comprised Teyla, McKay and himself). One of their early missions as a complete team led them to a planet where Carson's retrovirus was used on a young Wraith female, who unfortunately transformed more into a monster as a result. Before she was killed she bit Sheppard, and he began to mutate, transforming into a bug like humanoid with superhuman abilities. Sheppard saved himself, recovering eggs from an Iratus bug nest which allowed Atlantis' doctors to reverse the damage.

Sheppard found himself lost in an Ancient enclave, where he spent almost half a year living among the villagers. The rest of his team organised his rescue, but what for them took mere hours lasted far longer to Sheppard. After this experience Sheppard understood ascending and the Ancients much better, though it was still something he found difficult to explain. He was also on another occasion possessed by the spirit of a man bound in a fight to the death with a woman who possessed Weir; spoilers: they kissed, and supposedly didn't remember a thing.

Later, they would find themselves involved in a Genii coup d'etat in which the two sides double-triple-crossed each other and nobody really knew what anyone's motivations were any more. The new guy, Ladon, anihilated the previous leader Cohen's forces, and forged an uncertain relationship with the Tau'ri after they treated his dying sister from the radiation sickness she'd developed.

After this, the expedition unwittingly created Michael, treating a Wraith with the retrovirus that Carson had been developing, which turned him human but had to be sustained with daily injections. The process also wiped his memory, but as he recalled being a Wraith, Michael escaped, intending to go back to being what he was. Instead he would find himself rejected from both human and wraith cultures, a situation for which he would begin to harbor considerable resentment toward the Atlantis team.

A brief intermittent mission here involved saving an Ancient ship from underneath a volcano. Named Orion by McKay, Sheppard was put in command of the vessel when a Wraith Hive approached Atlantis. Michael, on board the Hive, proposed using the retrovirus as a weapon on Wraith ships, so as to turn other Wraith into food and cause them to attack each other. The mission ultimately failed as the Wraith turned on the Tau'ri, attacking the Daedalus and crippling it. Only through Michael's intervention (and the fact that Sheppard had attached his fighter to the bottom of one of the Hives before it went into hyperdrive), did they manage to complete the plan to mutate the Wraith, and consequently capture the ship. The Wraith were put into stasis, then transferred to a planet where Carson watched over them, but as the Wraith (including Michael) resisted their daily injections and questioned their missing memories, the plan began to fall apart, and the team was rescued. Every effort was made to destroy the camp once it was abandoned, and all the Wraith therein.

Shortly after this first contact was made with the Replicators; sentient nanomachines created by the Ancients to fight the Wraith, who were disengaged for this mission on account of the fact that one of their ways of fighting the Wraith was to destroy their food source (humans). The Replicators targeted Atlantis, intending to destroy the city, but they were stopped before they could reach the city. None the less the leader of the expedition Elizabeth Weir became aggressively infected with nanites that tried to destroy and replace her. Sheppard's efforts saved her life, but the Asuran replicators would regroup and come at the expedition again.

After this, Sheppard faced another trial at the hands of inter-Genii issues, when he was held hostage and tortured in a Genii camp. The method of torture they used was to have a Wraith feed on him, taking his life from him years at a time. The two managed to escape together, Sheppard losing the last of his life energy to the Wraith on the surface when they found themselves outnumbered. Once they were free, the Wraith gave Sheppard the Gift of Life, returning his life energy to him. Sheppard let him go free. This Wraith would later be called Todd.

The Replicators returned, impersonating the Ancients, and there reclaimed the city of Atlantis from the Tau'ri expedition, taking Jack O'Neill and Richard Woolsey prisoner. Sheppard is pivotal in their rescue, and McKay transforms the city's shields into an Anti-Replicator weapon, though it was necessary to trick the Replicators into thinking that they were only trying to sabotage the city to accomplish this end. The expedition then retook the city.

Shortly thereafter insert funny interlude where Sheppard tried (with difficulty) to teach McKay how to ascend, based on his prior experiences with ascension. There was a 'game' which turned out to be real life, and Carson Beckett died after a Replicator weapon crashed into the station and exploded. Sheppard's team then ran into Michael again; abandoned by the Wraith, he had begun to try and breed a superior specimen directly from the DNA of the Iratus bug from which the Wraith had evolved. He had been terrifyingly successful, and the team barely escaped.

Following up on the Replicator threat, the Tau'ri sent ships to the Replicator homeworld in a targeted attack to take out the new battleships that they'd been building. In retibution the Replicators turned on Atlantis, hitting them with a beam weapon that would drain their shields and eventually kill them. After sinking the city down to the bottom of the ocean failed to grant it any protection, their last effort (with what was left of their power) was to jump the city into hyperspace, which required being out of range of the Replicator's weapon long enough to lift off without the shields draining their energy. An asteroid was flown into the path of the beam, which gave them long enough to get off the ground. Unfortunately the beam cut through the center of the city just before they made the jump, seriously injuring Elizabeth Weir and damaging the city's systems.

Now in charge, Sheppard had to keep the city in one piece, which included organising puddle jumpers to clear a path for the city through a vast field of intergalactic asteroids, for example. They ran out of power and were stranded half way to their new home, and only through going to the Replicator homeworld were they able to save the city. However in the process, they set off the Replicator's anti-wraith programming, and lost Weir - who sacrificed herself to allow them to escape, her life having previously been saved through a reactivation of her nanomachines.

After Atlantis was safely landed on its new ocean, Sheppard returned control to Samantha Carter, who would stand in as leader of the expedition for the conclusion of his time up until the canon point I've chosen for him. Sheppard was kidnapped by a group of scavengers called the Travelers, who wanted him to help activate and repair an Ancient battlecruiser that they'd discovered drifting. When Sheppard tried to send an SOS, he accidentally drew the attention of Wraith, and was forced to risk his life to retake and then defend the ship.

Todd - the Wraith that had given Sheppard the Gift of Life - also returned, this time with a proposal of an alliance; the Replicators had begun to destroy human worlds, and he proposed a new virus to destroy them. Unfortunately for Todd, the ship he arrived on was destroyed (it appeared to be randomly in orbit of an uninhabited world and therefore drew attention), and this stranded him on Atlantis, and at the mercy of he Tau'ri, where he kept working with McKay on the code. Eventually they worked out a method to destroy the Replicators, though it required a combination of the Traveler, Tau'ri and Wraith fleets to pull off. All of them attacked the Replicator homeworld, where they downloaded a code into the central mainframe that caused the Replicators to collapse in on themselves, destroying the planet in the process.

Briefly after this Sheppard had to fight a doppelganger version of himself after accidentally transporting the lifeforce of a dangerous crystalline entity back to the station; it preyed on other people's nightmares. McKay came to Sheppard's rescue in order to remind him what was real, and commented that he'd expected Sheppard's dreams to involve more busty women.

After this, and in the same episode as the disappearance of the Aphosians was revealed, it was discovered that Teyla was pregnant. The city locked down briefly, trapping Sheppard in a room with Teyla, which upset him because as he remarked at the time, in movies when the guy gets stranded with the pregnant woman he always ends up delivering the baby. She's only in her second trimester at the time, and reassures him. None the less Sheppard takes it upon himself to scale the tower in order to break the lockdown...and accidentally sets off the self destruct. Whoops. Fortunately that problem gets sorted, and the city saved.

Discovering that the Wraith Todd had reactivated his tracking beacon, Sheppard and his team went to investigate, discovering that Todd had been taken by a rival queen who intended to breed new Wraith so that she could become more powerful than the other factions. Sheppard saves Todd, crashes a Wraith ship into the colony, and he, Teyla and the others escape.

Sheppard then visited Earth for the funeral of his father, and was forced to hunt down and neutralise first one, then two loose Replicators.

After the disappearance of her people, Teyla couldn't accept their loss, so when her lost lover began to appear to her in her dreams (and then later when she was awake), Teyla began to look for them, falling into a trap that Michael had set up deliberately to capture her. Sheppard, clearly blaming himself for endangering not only her life but her child's as well, dedicated himself to rescuing her from Michael, but found himself one step behind him at every turn.

On a routine gate back to Atlantis, Sheppard suddenly found himself lost, thrown forward 48000 years into a future where Michael's plans had resulted in his overcoming the Pegasus galaxy, driving the humans back to Earth and terminating their humanitarian efforts in Pegasus. As well as this, all of Sheppard's friends died horrible deaths except for McKay, who believing in a solution, a way to undo it all, dedicated the next twenty-five years of his life to the calculations. McKay programmed a holographic interactive system into Atlantis' computers, and when Sheppard arrived in the city millennia later, explained to him the plan to get him back to his present, which involved putting himself into stasis until the right moment--another few hundred years, no big deal. Apart from the fact that the system's sun is turning into a red giant, and the heat shields would fail long before then. McKay's hologhost solves the problem with Sheppard's help, and Sheppard takes the intelligence on Michael's plans left for him by McKay, stepping into stasis.

This is the exact moment of my draw point.


Two major things channel most of Sheppard's personality. The first is his childhood: growing up the son of an accomplished mogul with his life planned out for him, Sheppard rebelled. Not only does it take a certain kind of person to walk away from that, but it also affects how he approaches topics like family and inheritance, especially where he comes into contact with princesses etc. As a result of his estrangement, Sheppard can be suspicious of other people (not surprising considering this and the kind of no good double-crossers he comes across in the Pegasus galaxy) but he also retains a certain generosity of spirit and go-get-em attitude necessary to someone who has to look after themselves and find their own way in life.

Secondly, as a result of said independence, Sheppard became uniquely devoted to his career, loyal both to the Air Force and the way of life that it represented. He was transformed into a military man through and through, though he remained wary of making decisions where it seemed like he was being given no choice in the matter, for example his assignment to the Atlantis expedition.

Sheppard is all personality. He's a leader, yes, and serious when it comes to his work, but not at the expense of his charm. Charming and friendly, Sheppard disarms other people with wit and flirtation, and in tense situations in particular is capable of employing this attitude at a moment's notice. Even when his life is in imminent danger, Sheppard is cool under pressure, only beginning to show discomfort where he's out of his comfort zone, for example when he ends up trapped with a pregnant Teyla during an Atlantis lockdown. Under this kind of stress Sheppard can become impatient and short-tempered, and may occasionally say something that turns out to be hurtful; something true, but which he would never say (or might soften) were he allowed to have the full scope of foresight before opening his mouth.

Usually Sheppard is more sweet natured to the people around him, particularly his friends. It is one of his greatest talents as a leader that he is so friendly, going out of his way to learn things about the people he works with, to learn their strengths and weaknesses, so that in a combat situation (and outside of it) he is always prepared. It goes to show that in difficult situations Sheppard is even more aware of what McKay is capable of doing than even he is, and capable of handling his massive ego besides.

Sheppard, as a military man - and having been on missions (both secret and otherwise) across the world - is the kind of man who seems to jump at difficult, dangerous or foolhardy missions, although he does exercise caution and restraint on occasion. He is, however, the kind of man who jumps right in, guns blazing, particularly when it comes to saving members of his team, married to the concept of leave no man behind. None the less, if it becomes necessary to make the difficult decision and walk away, Sheppard is prepared to make it.

Sheppard is courageous; will put his own life at risk, do absolutely everything it takes, and go beyond the call of duty wherever necessary, even for people on the expedition he barely knows, or indeed to save people he's never met before. This thoughtfulness and generosity extends into the every day way that he interacts with the people around him.

As mentioned before, Sheppard is cautious when it comes to dealing with people (except where women are concerned, check out the section on his weaknesses). His team find themselves double crossed almost by every group that they come into contact with in Pegasus, and he's learned never to take anything at face value. This is also, to be fair, the best way to deal with the IOA, who see free to poke their nose into the Stargate program wherever possible. Sheppard is capable of extending an umbrella of trust where it becomes needed, even with Wraith. When that trust is betrayed, Sheppard demonstrates some of his rare coldhearted ferocity. He can be snappish, even vicious, particularly when that betrayal probably means his impending death.

With lighthearted charm, Sheppard is capable of defusing even the most tense situation with but a smile, even in the midst of losing his temper.

Sheppard is good at keeping secrets--again, note his career. He is respectful of authority where that respect is earned, but obeys his orders generally no matter who they come from (he has been known to disobey, where his honor and loyalty come first, thus the black mark on his military record). Sheppard demonstrates a great deal of respect for the people who deserve it, for example Weir, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Teal'c. Though he might not express these things out loud, Sheppard has a lot of respect for the people on his team, even (probably especially) McKay. He would give his life for any of them.

Sheppard is a fan of movies, team sports, plays golf, and still hasn't finished reading War and Peace. He has been known to reference popular culture when he's nervous.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:

John Sheppard is not restrained by his humanity, though he is essentially limited by it; still, as a military man, a pilot and a soldier, he has proved that he can perform to an exemplary standard. He is pragmatic, sensible, and overall devoted to his duty, which can sometimes make him seem to make callous or cold decisions, but every choice that he makes is one made with the interests of his team and the mission in mind.

If anything is a weakness it is this, as John has been demonstrated to sacrifice the lives of others to protect his own; that isn't to say that he's emotionally stunted, he understands people just fine, it's just that his quick ability to make life or death decisions, and his ruthless focus, sometimes make it seem as though he's unaffected, even aloof, when he cares almost as much as anyone else. The simple fact of the matter is that when forced to make the hard choices, as he has been, John doesn't hesitate.

Sheppard is smart - MENSA smart, though he never joined - proving that he has a strong grasp of mathematics, logic and spacial perception, all not particularly surprising when you consider not only his previous employment, but his present one, flying untested alien spacecraft and such things. He is good at chess, a proficient fighter (though not as accomplished as Ronon and Teyla) and a superior marksman. He's not bad at golf (although again Ronon is just better).

He's a relatively capable leader, able to lead his team with a mixture of compassion and authority, and does his best to be friends with all the people under his command on the base, not least so that he can fathom their strengths and weaknesses and lead them better. On occasion he doesn't do too badly when the mission calls for diplomacy, though he has trust issues as a result of his interactions with literally everyone in the Pegasus galaxy. Very rarely do people turn out to be what they seem. Relying on science sometimes makes him antsy; Sheppard can understand things when they're explained to him, and has a logical mind, but he prefers to make his decisions based on the tangible.

As Sheppard has the Ancient gene, he is capable of using Ancient technology which would otherwise be inert in the hands of a normal human. While it's not actually that much use on the TQ, this is the closest thing to a superpower he has.

His weaknesses are all very human, the most glaring of which is his weakness for attractive women. He is sometimes too trusting (sometimes not even close to enough), but put a pretty face behind the promises and he stops being as cautious as usual instantly. Sometimes he seems to have problems with empathy, blurting out whatever he's thinking no matter how mean it might be, but it's usually just banter. Other things with which he either struggles or succeeds brilliantly, depending on the day are: diplomacy, children, McKay, his own pride, pregnant women, McKay, astrophysics, worst case scenarios...

Military gear - outfit, vest, utility belt, relevant holsters, black bandana
Standard issue P90 and ammunition
His custom Colt M1911A1 and ammunition
A Lantean lifesigns detector
A nearly exhausted personal shield emitter (could be used up in 24 hours constant use, less time if damage is inflicted to the user)
His copy of War and Peace
His golf clubs, tees and a box of golf balls
An ancient crystal containing future intelligence from the original universe he visits in the episode he's taken from. (pretty much a useless piece of plastic)

Appearance: Played by David Duchovny Mk II Joe Flanigan. As a military man through and through, John - 6'2", dark brown hair, green-hazel eyes - moves with a deliberate swagger. He barely gestures during conversation, but expresses a lot with his eyes to make up for it.

Age: 38

AU Clarification: N/A


Log Sample:

Change the future, save them all. It seemed so simple, apart from the fact that it was Rodney's plan, and there was nothing remotely simple about it. About any of it. The crystal that explained it all was warm in his hand, clammy, as John stepped up into the stasis chamber, its ancient runes aged by tens of thousands of years, all worn down to rust. He looked down at the specter of McKay in front of him, his friend aged by decades, the shadow of sleeplessness and loss in his simulated, holographic eyes. This was it; either he woke up after what felt like a rush of cold air, and McKay - the Real McKay (ha ha, look, he still has time for jokes) - would be there waiting for him, or... Or at some point over the next six hundred years the red giant outside would swallow up the planet, city and all, and there would be nothing left to come back to.

John had never thought that his moment of death would be so...anticlimactic. Stepping into stasis thinking he'd wake up; it wasn't quite the same as charging into a host of wraith with guns firing or flying a cloaked jumper into the middle of a replicator city. He just might not wake up. This might be his last breath. What choice did he have, though, really? He had to take the chance, try to change the future. Or past. Whatever. Everyone he knew was dead, and this was the only chance he had to see them again. Besides which they'd all died horribly, which only went into making it that much worse. He couldn't let them die like that when he could do something about it. And what about his own life? Leaving this station in one piece would have been a chance in a million, even if there was enough energy to dial Earth. It probably wasn't even there.

He raised his chin. So this was it. This was really it.


The stasis field activated, and suddenly he was gasping for breath, clawing to get free, thrashing at machinery and the pipe lodged in his throat until he was flat on his back in a pool of blue goo, staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling.

He'd been kidnapped or abducted. Or he was dead. Or this was a dream. Certainly finding his way to get his feet underneath him was a nightmare, the slippery goo combining with what felt like a jet-powered deathspin without any of the consequent G-forces. Everything was spinning, disorientating, but he managed to dig his hands into he edge of the metal stasis pod, dragging himself upright, looking wild eyed across the room - in disbelief - at the waking masses.

Oh, well that explained everything. He'd gone into stasis and woken up in a porno version of Ridley Scott's Alien.

"What the hell is going on here?"

What the hell had happened? Where was Atlantis? Where was Rodney? What the hell was he going to do? They were all pretty damn valid questions!

What the hell was going on here?

Comms Sample:

Not that I'm not happy to meet you all but I was a little busy trying to undo the hideous fates that had befallen-- Befell? What terrible things had happened to my friends. So if you don't mind zapping me back, or maybe letting me know that they're all just fine, we can all carry on with what we were doing. Sound good?

I guess that was too much to ask for, huh? Well, it was worth a try.

Okay, let's try this instead. McKay, Teyla, Ronon--do those names mean anything to anyone? Anybody? Well if you know them, if they're around here, tell them John is looking for them. And if you've seen some creep called Michael then do yourselves a favor and leave him to me. I've got an old score to settle with that guy.

To everyone else: if we're going to be living together I should at least introduce myself. Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard. That's it. Okay, then! McKay, I swear to God, if this is your fault I'm gonna rip off your nipples and feed them.............................


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